Wedding Day…

Sit back and take in what a Silver Oaks wedding day actually looks like…

For the owners, the day begins at sunrise. Gene jumps in the golf-cart giving the entire property a thorough inspection, making sure everything is in order. On those trademark, chilly Maine mornings, we’ve got the Cowboy Cauldron all fired up, creating that beautiful, warm, aromatic ambiance that everyone adores.

Our staff is busy watering the plants and flowers. Our outdoor cushions are placed on the furniture, the outdoor ceremony arbor is fitted with our floor to ceiling, pure white draperies, the chandelier is hung with care. All the little things, that behind the scenes are taken care of so that you can remain stress free.

The next to arrive are the Hair & Makeup team. We’ll make sure they are well taken care of, from assisting with their bags and escorting them to the bridal suite to get set up.

The Bar staff is already at work getting  ice, fruit and other fresh garnishes ready for the day.

The caterers arrive soon thereafter to set up a delicious and beautiful morning breakfast for the bridal party. Hot coffee, bagels, bacon and eggs, yogurt, fruit & baked goods are all part of this spectacular morning ritual should you decide.  Did I neglect to mention the Mimosa’s? It would not be wedding morning without them!

Whether she arrives via limousine or with her maid of honor in a Jeep Wrangler, it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. The bride has arrived! It’s a truly exciting time, the woot-woots & screams are heard clear down to Boston!

The next few hours are epic, as the entire bridal party listens to music, gets their hair and makeup done and just takes in the feeling of this momentous occasion! The boys are no where in site, many times they are out on the golf course, skeet-shooting, water-skiing, or on a gun range type of adventure.

While all of this is happening, vendors such as photographers, floral designers, DJ’s, bakers, officiants are all checking in with your planner, who is making sure all the to-do’s are being double checked and that everything is in order.

The barn is now beginning a wonderful metamorphosis into  something truly magical. The linens, the flowers, the vases, the candles, the dishes and glassware are all being professionally placed so as to create your perfect setting. All of our brides emphatically tell us that they cherish this moment when everything is ready to go, they say that they’ve never seen anything so beautiful and that this is my dream come true!

Guests start to arrive to the courtyard about 60 minutes before the ceremony start time. They are often times greeted with a Signature, Silver Oaks, Prosecco Welcome. Our cocktail servers are also taking orders for other delicious cocktails. We love the fact that each and every guest is literally stunned with happiness and we see this as something that completely sets the tone for a truly classy event.

The Gentlemen will arrive next, about an hour prior. They are all looking dapper and ready for the day! They’ll high five, hug, take pictures and make noise all while trying to look as cool as they possibly can! Because, that’s what they do.

As we approach that golden thirty minute window, all guests are escorted down to the ceremony arbor on the lower lawn, awaiting the upcoming processional.

The bridal party are getting their final touch-ups as the bride is zipped up and getting her traditional mother-daughter photos taken. The men are now being lined up at the reveal wall, ready for their grand entrance. As they make their way through the wall and down the steps, our team is there every step of the way, making sure that they are evenly spaced, because we understand that, with weddings, timing is everything.

The men are now in place at the arbor, the guests are awaiting the moment. The reveal wall is dramatically closed, signaling that the moment is near. The bridal party is ready, bouquets in hand, ready for their moment in the spotlight. The music changes from background classical to something way more meaningful and beautiful, the guests are about to burst at the seams, awaiting this moment! The reveal door opens, the first bridesmaid appears and pauses, then commences down the stairs. Camera’s are clicking, drones are humming! Another bridesmaid, then another…simply gorgeous! Then, the music fades as an amazing ballad begins… The moment of truth is here. The reveal door is once again opened, shining light on this angel dressed in white.

Photography Credit: Centered Images