About Us

The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate

The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate was previously the Winthrop Lodge and Cottages, Lakefront Resort, where many out-of-state guests spent their summers in the early 1920s. The property is affectionately known as the former Maranacook Feed Barn, where local residents purchased grain and feed for chickens and other livestock for decades. In the fall of 2015, locals Gene and Veronica Carbona purchased the abandoned property with its numerous deteriorating horse stables. The site consisted of empty pastures with only abandoned barns. The barn has been transformed by an ongoing remodeling and landscaping effort that has created stunning landscapes for guests to enjoy. The barn, situated on 10 waterfront acres, has been meticulously refurbished and brought back to life, making The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate an award-winning event venue.

Meet the Owners

Gene and Veronica Carbona




Veronica is responsible for all design aspects. She has meticulously planned each and every property-related project. She works in the medical profession and is a skilled and flexible artist who adores collaborating with couples and their families, assisting them in generating ideas and preparing their luxury event. Her design thoughts have been so well-received that she has now introduced Silver Oaks Design, a new division of our company.

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After 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Gene retired in 2016 and is now in charge of our company’s business operations. He designs and executes all financial, legal, marketing, and commercial plans with great zeal and commitment, ensuring professional outcomes. He diligently maintains the property, doing all repairs, maintenance, and new building. Also, he is present most days and can arrange tours of the property.

The Barn at Silver Oaks is pleased to be a locally owned and operated family business. We strive diligently to give local vendors the opportunity to serve at our events. We have collaborated with dozens of local florists, caterers, musicians, seamstresses, bakers, rental firms, and others. These events have already improved our local economy, to the delight of our local merchants.



Dante, our 13-year-old, assists the team with any duties that require attention. He takes his work very seriously and is always prepared to lend a hand.

Above photos; Olivia Copelyn Photography