If you’re here,  most likely you’re in search of the perfect indoor/outdoor wedding venue. Welcome to Silver Oaks!

the barn at silver oakes estate with fall leaves in the foreground

The following are the reasons why The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate has become one of the most renowned wedding venues in New England:

This is a true Luxury Venue

You sense it as soon as you set foot on the estate. The lushness of the wooded, lakeside environment, the way the mild winds caress the lawns, and the rural character of the property all contribute to the uniqueness of this setting. You must visit this location, even if it’s just to view this absolutely lovely plot of land.


Convenient Location

aerial view of the grounds at the barn of silver oakes estate

The historic Silver Oaks Estate is situated minutes from Interstate 95 in the center of historic downtown Winthrop in the Belgrade Lakes Area of Maine, close to the cities of Augusta and Lewiston-Auburn. Freeport and Portland may be reached by automobile in 30 and 60 minutes, respectively. Hotels and retail establishments are only 10 minutes away in both directions.


Inclusive Amenities

Our weekend wedding package includes 200 chairs, 20 stunning farmhouse tables, luxury restrooms, security and parking staff, a private dressing area, a professional on-site venue representative and more. We invite you to choose a licensed caterer of your choice or one from our preferred vendor list. We also have ample, close-by accommodations at many area hotels and B&B’s.


Photographer’s Dream Inspiration

Photographers who photograph here are awestruck by our location. Here, you will find an abundance of locations and backdrops, ranging from charming medieval paths to pine-studded meadows, lush gardens, scenic railways, and quiet lakefront views. Your photographs will provide you with impressive and enduring memories.


Personal Service

From the moment you book your wedding with us, we provide hands-on personal service to help you plan and enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

We are a professional and dedicated event facility. Unlike many other properties, you can rest assured, that with The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate, you are not simply renting someone else’s back yard or adjacent house barn. Silver Oaks is licensed, insured and in compliance with all Municipal, State & Federal requirements.

We are devoted to providing convenience, efficiency and value to your wedding planning experience. We will never let you down.


Wedding Day…

Sit back and take in what a Silver Oaks wedding day actually looks like…

The day begins for the owners at sunrise. Gene hops on the golf cart and inspects the entire property to ensure that everything is in order. On those infamously chilly Maine mornings, we’ve had the Cowboy Cauldron going to create that gorgeous, fragrant, and aromatic atmosphere that everyone likes.

Our employees are currently watering the plants and flowers. Our outdoor cushions are placed on the furniture, our floor-to-ceiling, pure white drapes are installed in the outside ceremony arbor, and the chandelier is hung with care. All of the behind-the-scenes details are taken care of so that you can remain stress-free.

The hair and makeup team is next to arrive. We will see to it that they are well taken care of, from assisting them with their bags to taking them to the bridal suite for preparations.

The bar staff is already preparing ice, fresh fruit, and other garnishes for the day.

The caterers then arrive to set up a scrumptious and aesthetically pleasing breakfast for the bridal party. If you so desire, this extraordinary morning ritual includes hot coffee, bagels, bacon and eggs, yogurt, fruit, and baked goods. Have I forgotten to mention the Mimosas? Without them, it would not be a wedding morning; we’ve got them available all day long. We have also added a professional Espresso machine, so your morning Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White are there to kickstart your morning.


Whether she arrives in a limousine or a Jeep Wrangler, this is the moment that everyone has been anticipating. The wedding has begun! The cheers and cries can be heard as far south as Boston.


The following few hours are amazing as the entire wedding party listens to music, has their hair and makeup done, and simply revels in the momentousness of the occasion! Oftentimes, the boys are off on a golf course, skeet-shooting, water-skiing, or gun range adventure.

At this time, suppliers such as photographers, florists, DJs, bakers, and officiants are checking in with your planner, who is ensuring that all tasks are being double-checked and that everything is in order.

The barn is currently undergoing a marvelous transformation into something quite amazing. The linens, flowers, vases, candles, plates, and glassware are being expertly arranged in order to create your ideal atmosphere. All of our brides tell us unequivocally that they adore this moment when everything is set to go, that they have never seen anything so gorgeous, and that this is their dream come true!


Guests begin to arrive in the courtyard approximately ninety minutes prior to the commencement of the wedding and quickly begin to enjoy the pre-ceremony welcome reception in the courtyard.  Guests are frequently welcomed with a Signature, Silver Oaks, Prosecco Welcome.  We adore the fact that each and every visitor is practically awestruck with delight, as we believe this sets the tone for a truly elegant celebration.

The Gentlemen will then arrive around an hour earlier. They are all dressed impeccably and prepared for the day! They will high-five, embrace, take selfies, and make noise while attempting to appear as cool as possible! Because that is their custom.


As the thirty-minute window nears, all guests are brought to the ceremony arbor on the lower lawn, where they await the procession.

As the bridal party completes their final preparations, the bride zips up and poses for traditional mother-daughter photographs. Men are currently lining up at the reveal wall in preparation for their dramatic appearance. As they make their way through the wall and down the steps, our staff is there every step of the way to ensure that they are correctly spaced, since we are aware that timing is crucial for weddings.


The men are currently positioned at the arbor, while the guests await the moment. The reveal wall has closed dramatically, indicating that the moment is approaching. With bouquets in hand, the bridal party is prepared for their moment in the spotlight. The music transitions from classical background music to something far more significant and lovely; the visitors are on the verge of bursting with anticipation! The reveal door is opened, the first bridesmaid arrives, pauses, and then begins to descend the stairs. There are cameras clicking and drones buzzing! Another bridesmaid followed by another… absolutely stunning! The music then fades away, and an incredible ballad begins… The hour of truth has arrived. The reveal door is opened once more, illuminating this white-clad angel.

Photography Credit: Centered Images


Photography Credit: Pixel Perfect Weddings